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Spooked is a murder mystery where you play in the lead role as Detective Spook who solves crimes by speaking to the ghosts of the recently departed. Using a kind of clairvoyance or remote viewing, you will earn trust of the deceased and solve the crimes by exploring their memories of the events leading up to their murders.

On this case, Detective Spook is called out to an old, abandoned house with its own dark past to solve a new case involving six deceased teenagers. While the locals just think it's a haunted house with a few scares and surprises, a group of six teenagers--brought together through common misfortune for a night of fun--soon discover there is something more to the house.


The idea behind the game is to play the role of a detective who has special abilities he can use to solve crimes. It means the user gets to go into a crime scene without any prior background knowledge about it, and explore it for the first time, piecing together the clues to solve the mystery of who done it. 


I am a first-time game developer. I'm shocked I can even say that now. I never made a game before in my life, and I decided with around two and a half weeks to give this IGMC 2017 contest a go. Needless to say, it was an overwhelming task to try and come up with an original idea, story, game-play, and then implement it into a full-fledged game using a software tool (RPG Maker MV) that I only toyed around in before. Alas, here I stand ready to reveal to the judges, other participants, and anybody else the fruits of my labor. I spent a lot of time the past two weeks--and I mean a lot--to come up with this game. I hope that others can enjoy it as much as I hoped they would when I originally put pen to paper. Thanks for playing!

C. Fender

Install instructions

Just download the ZIP file, uncompress it, and then run the Game.exe file within the document. That should do it!


Spooked.zip 220 MB


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Found a bug. While playing Ben and trying to enter one of the rooms, it switches to Wesley's route.

Man, what a fantastic premise, very creative, i freaking loved it. But for some reason the game keeps crashing, i can't play for more than 10 minutes without a crash, that's a shame because it looks like a nice game. You sure this version is for windows?

It should work fine on Windows. Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of time to playtest it because of the deadline.  I'm bummed to learn that it's crashing. I haven't experienced any crashes on my machine (I'm running an Intel i7 and two Nvidia 970s)--is it a hardware issue? Thanks for trying it out and the positive feedback. Appreciate it!

I believe it is not a hardware issue because i am also using I7 and a GTX 980, i had no issued with other submissions so far. Maybe it is a missused plugin ?

Please download, enjoy playing through the game, and leave me some feedback. I didn't get to thoroughly test it to squash all bugs, so hopefully it works from start to finish, and it's an enjoyable adventure for everyone out there. Thanks!

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I will play and review it, i like this type of games. Feel free to do the same with mine, too, if you wish!

I'll check it out and leave a review.