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Found a bug. While playing Ben and trying to enter one of the rooms, it switches to Wesley's route.

Man, what a fantastic premise, very creative, i freaking loved it. But for some reason the game keeps crashing, i can't play for more than 10 minutes without a crash, that's a shame because it looks like a nice game. You sure this version is for windows?

It should work fine on Windows. Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of time to playtest it because of the deadline.  I'm bummed to learn that it's crashing. I haven't experienced any crashes on my machine (I'm running an Intel i7 and two Nvidia 970s)--is it a hardware issue? Thanks for trying it out and the positive feedback. Appreciate it!

I believe it is not a hardware issue because i am also using I7 and a GTX 980, i had no issued with other submissions so far. Maybe it is a missused plugin ?

Please download, enjoy playing through the game, and leave me some feedback. I didn't get to thoroughly test it to squash all bugs, so hopefully it works from start to finish, and it's an enjoyable adventure for everyone out there. Thanks!

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I will play and review it, i like this type of games. Feel free to do the same with mine, too, if you wish!

I'll check it out and leave a review.